Work In Progress
Work In Progress

Egyptian Sun God Ra:

Pattern Picture

The latest design that we are working on is a gorgeous Egyptian Artifact. I have been interested in

Egyptian art since I was a child in elementary school. It wasn't until recently that I was browsing

through a book of copyright free images of Egyptian art that I came across this design. It is a

breast plate of the Egyptian Sun God Ra depicted as a hawk which was found in the tomb of

King Tuthankhamen. It really intrigued me to the point that I knew that I had to get this into cross

stitch.  With the help of my friends' husband who is very well versed in Egyptology (Thank you

Alan!!),  I was able to get the colors down for this piece of art. This picture is the finished design

as per my cross stitch program. This is what it will look like when it is finished. I was so excited

the day that I finished working on the design, that I couldn't wait to get started stitching it. Since

I didn't have any black evenweave handy, I decided to do it on 14 count black aida. I don't mind

working with quarter stitches on aida cloth, but I do recommend using 28 ct evenweave if you

don't like to work with quarter stitches as this is loaded with them for the detail.

The finished stitch size of this design is 133 x 122 stitches. It will be approximately 9.5 x 8 5/8

inches when its completely stitched at 14 ct (or 28 ct over 2).

Egyptian Sun God Ra:

WIP Scan to date

This is finally finished! And is now available for sale through your local needlework store. I am so thrilled with this design. It looks absolutely stunning  in person. The gold just shines throughout this whole design and it is very captivating. If you would like to order this design, please contact your local needlework store and ask them to order it for you. If you don't have a local needlework store, please email us at and we will find one that is close to you. <>If you should have any  comments  about this design please  email me  at the above address as well.


Picture of Actual Artifact:

I found this picture on line when I was searching to find a picture of the actual piece. It is very close to the finished design up above. I would love to hear your comments on this design.

Thanks again, and Happy Stitching!